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Introducing the latest splash: Songs for Scallywags.

Here at The Cooked Mast, we've searched high and low to bring you the best nautical entertaniment. Whether you need something to round out your pirate party, background music for penning your next tome, or tunes bolster your spirits while you swab the decks. Excellent for your next voyage, be it by land, air, or sea!

Music that
makes 'em say

Perfecting your pirate party.

You have the snacks, the garb, the movies and games... but, what's that your crew hears? Silence? Nay! Keep the atmosphere on-theme with our carefully curated playlists!

the ropes

What kind of pirate music do ye seek?

We're broadening our horizons: From folk and film scores to pirate metal and bardcore. There's more genres of nautical tunes than there are fish in the sea!

Top Piratey Playlists

Happy New Yarrr! Spotify album art

Happy New Yarrr!

Party like a pirate!

Celebrate the year’s end with The Crooked Mast’s latest list: Happy New Yarrr! This rambunctious set of reels, jigs, and raucous rock has been fine-tuned to get your feet a-tapping.

Ideal for:

  • Having a jolly New Yarrr
  • Toasting to friends new and auld
Nautical NöEL Spotify album art

Nautical NöEL

Say ‘Ahoy’ to the holidays!

Traditional tunes not cutting it? Bring some piratey, seasonal cheer to your next shindig! Bake some jolly-roger gingerbreads with the family! And, don't forget to leave out some rum for seafaring-Santa..!

Ideal for:

  • Holiday shindigs
  • Decking the halls
The Quiet Pirate Spotify album art

The Quiet Pirate

For Smooth Sailing & Breezy Listening

Chill out with this fine blend of seaside songs. Ease into pirate life with breezy lyrics and mellow melodies, paired with the periodic stirring ballad.

Ideal for:

  • Pondering whilst reclining in a hammock
  • Sipping lemonade, served in a tankard
Swabbing the Deck Spotify album art

Swabbing the Deck

Cleaning can be a drag — might as well clean like a scallywag! Keep your crew entertained and your home in ship-shape with this assortment of upbeat, hearty tunes.

Ideal for:

  • Washing dishes in the galley
  • Laundry adventures
Bangers and Mast Spotify album art

Bangers and Mast

Some songs hit differently. Whether sailing solo or looking to shout with the lads, this blend of balads is perfectly balanced to get your spirits up and set your foot a-thumping.

Ideal for:

  • Long voyages by land, air, or sea
  • Singing loudly in the car
Pirate Adventures: Nautical Ambience Spotify album art

Pirate Adventures:
Nautical Ambience

Feel the salty spray, hear the call of the gulls, and prepare to cast off — your very own adventure awaits! Let these wordless tunes carry you out to sea.

Ideal for:

  • Nautical party ambience
  • Penning your next novel
Metal Sails, Shores of Rock Spotify album art

Metal Sails, Shores of Rock

Heave-ho and make some noise! Fly the black flag, pour a flagon of ale, and savor these melodies of salt and steel. Be prepared for life's shipwrecks and maelstroms.

Ideal for:

  • Overtaking your foes on the highways
  • Really, really cleaning those pots and pans

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